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Always on the move? No need to skip your daily taekwondo training. Become a member of Taekwondo Traveller and train in registered clubs from all over the world, wherever you are.
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Registering your club means you agree that Taekwondo Travellers passing through your city can train at your club. You determine the fees for travellers.
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The mission of Taekwondo Traveller is to form a network of travellers and local taekwondo clubs. This way travellers do not have to skip their training while on the move!
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Recently registered clubs

Name Country City Street  
Taekwondo klub Proleter Serbia Zrenjanin Novosadska
Academy Pyong Won Belgium Beverst Zonhoevestraat
IRON FIST GYM VIENNA Austria VIENNA Schönbrunner Straße
Bulsajo - Furesø, Taekwondo klub Denmark Vaerloese Kirkevaerloesevej
Authentic Taekwondo Canada Markham 7676 Woodbine Ave.
Keumgang Diest Belgium Diest Omer Vanaudenhovelaan
Sons of Thunder Martial Arts & fitness Canada Mississauga 2505 Dunwin Drive
Lakeshore Taekwondo Academy United States Grand Haven Columbus Ave.
ATKRS Portugal Evora Rua Pedro Sousa
Ultimate Performance/Family Taekwondo United States Pueblo Oneida St.
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