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Taekwondo Poomse is a prearranged series of attack and defense movements against an imaginary opponent in a set pattern.
The practice of Poomse improves breathing and physical control, strength, coordination, timing and balance. It also increases internal strength by conditioning the internal organs and the student masters the ability to use different types of power including stationary or sudden bursts (momentary power). It uses both flowing as well as quick abrupt movements. The primary forms of Taekwondo are known as the Tae Geuk series. For each belt grading or next level of advancement the Taekwondo student must be able to master the Poomse for that level.

Learn taekwondo poomse

Taekwondo Poomse: Made Easy!

by Dr. Salma Michor
This book covers the first 8 Taekwondo Poomse leading up to the 1st Kup, just before the black belt level. With hundreds of cartoon illustrations it is an ideal and easy to use guide for both children and adults learning Taekwondo Poomse from the 8th-1st Kup.
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Turkish Open 2017

Turkish Open
As an official ETU sponsor Taekwondo Traveller was present at the Turkish Open Championships in Antalya, Turkey.
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